Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How To Get Rich - Put Money In Your Pocket Now

How often do you think the wealthy see a pay check ?

Do you think they wait for someone else to determine this ?

Truth is, many see cash in their pockets each and every day !

Pay Me Now Not Later

What would your life be like if you could get paid every day? No more waiting around for your employer to pay you hopefully before your money runs out. I think you would agree, this would be a great way to live.

But how do you start changing your life towards achieving this goal ? Well, it won't happen overnight unless you win the lottery. But you can start working towards this goal today.

This kind of lifestyle is achieved by investing in financial products that pay an income as frequently as possible. Many quality investments will pay you an income each and every month.

How To Work Towards A Daily Pay Check

In theory, this strategy is quite simple. You start investing your savings in financial products that pay you a monthly income. These products will almost never pay their income on the exact same date as other similar products.

You work towards investing in up to 30 of these individual products that have different income payment dates. As I said, in theory this is how it works.

In reality, you may not get income each and every day, but you can come pretty close to it. In reality, some of your investments might pay income on the same dates. Your overall goal is to get paid as often as possible.

What To Do

Your plan for developing your own almost daily pay check starts by saving a portion of your current income. You can then invest these savings in shares of financial products that pay you a monthly income.

As your savings grow, you keep adding to the number and size of your investment holdings.

Depending on your current investment holdings and the amount you are able to save, you will some day start to see the power of this form of investment plan. As your savings and monthly investment income grows, so too will your financial freedom. The less dependent you become on your employer's pay check, the less stressful and more enjoyable your life will become.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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