Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Get Rich - Do Not Become Discouraged

Do you get down when you see others have more than you ?

Do you feel that it's just too hard to get what you want out of life ?

Reality is, we all have these thoughts of discouragement !

Position Yourself

The first thing you must do when feeling down is to position yourself. What this means is to realize where in life you are today. Realize your accomplishments and give yourself a big pat on the back so to speak. There is no one else that will do this for you as everyone tends to concentrate on their own lives.

You must then visualize the future that you want for yourself. Your future is unique and no two individuals will have the same dreams of their future. You must focus on this desired future and work towards achieving it at all costs. This is your life and it is the only one you will ever have.

Filter Out Extremes

In this day and age everyone seems to be absorbed with the rich and famous or the extremely wealthy. The media seems to thrive on reporting on the accomplishments of the extremely successful individuals. Many become so absorbed that they wish they were someone else that had much more.

It is a shame that our society has become one so absorbed with wealth and popularity. These rich and famous individuals are no better a person than you are.

We must learn to filter out the extremes in our society. Learn not to focus on what the media is saying but instead focus on yourself as an individual. Work towards doing whatever you can do to become the person you want to be tomorrow.

What To Do

When you get down, remember who you are. Remember your past accomplishments and visualize the future you want for yourself. Learn to filter out all of the media garbage and realize that the media is merely a business trying to sell it's image in order to make money.

Sure, there are many individuals that have more than you do. In reality, there always will be. But just say, so what. Learn to be happy with what you have done and what you plan for your future. After all, your life is the one that is the most important to you, as it should be.

Wealth is merely a state of mind. If you are happy with where you are and where you are heading, then you are truly the wealthiest person in your world.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How To Get Rich - Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder what makes successful people so successful ?

Do you ever wish that you had just a portion of what they have ?

Well, these are things that are totally in your control !

Worship Your Body As Your Temple

Your body is the physical shell in which you must live. Whatever it's shape or size, it is the only one you have or will ever have. Therefore, you must start with what you have right now and work towards the way you want it to be. It is what it is.

If you don't like what you see in the mirror, you can change that. More physical activity and eating better are amazingly powerful choices that will give you more energy and vitality. By making these two choices alone, you should notice you will have a much better outlook on life in general. If you feel good, you think good thoughts. Give it a try if you don't believe me.

Clear The Cobwebs Of Your Mind

One of the biggest challenges is to learn how to clear your mind of thoughts that give you no benefit. These include thoughts of mistakes of the past, thoughts of fears of the future, and thoughts of fearing something totally new.

It is amazing how much mind power is wasted from all of the above thoughts alone. Would it not make sense to channel all of this power into something that will help you reach your goals? Of course it would, but how?

There are techniques that can be learned such as meditation. Meditation clears your mind of all thoughts past and future and places you in the now. You are alive right now and that is all that really matters. It provides you with a calmness of body and spirit and can be a very relaxing experience.

You must learn to realize that the past is in the past and can never be changed. You must also realize that the future is largely out of your control. The present is where you must focus your mind in order to work towards the future you really want to have.

Make Healthy Choices

You future life depends on the choices you make today. By making the choices of more exercise, better eating habits and mind calming, you will notice a huge improvement to your energy level and your whole outlook on life in general.

Start worshiping your temple within and you will notice the ease at which your outside world will take shape. After all, if you do not respect yourself how do you expect others to respect you and aid you in the development of your dreams.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How To Get Rich - Know Rental Real Estate Realities

Do you think all properties will make you money ?

Do you think choosing revenue real estate is easy ?

Truth is, most properties could end up loosing you money !

Revenue Real Estate Is A Business

Every revenue real estate option you are looking at is an individual business. Each property you consider buying must be profitable from day one or you shouldn't buy it.

This is where most novice real estate investors make their critical mistake. They do not properly analyze the rental market of the areas they are looking at buying. The rent you are realistically able to charge should be enough to cover all expenses plus put a reasonable amount of profit in your pocket each and every month.

My first step when looking at individual revenue real estate opportunities is to run the numbers. This is done well before an initial drive by of the properties. Your new business opportunity must be profitable. Period.

You Are Not Living In It 

Remember,  revenue property is an investment. You are not going to be personally living in it. This means that you should never over renovate with options you would like in your personal home.

Tenants will almost never treat your property as good as you would. This means that damage will occur and you must expect it and build it into your costs of doing business. A partial renovation may have to be done each time a tenant is changed. This is reality.

The property should be renovated to the point where it is appealing to your potential tenants. Over renovating can cost you a lot of money over the long term. Be careful.

Know Your Codes And Rules

Every area has different building codes and regulations. Before you start looking at an area, know all the rules. Knowing these rules ahead of time will help you avoid potentially costly surprises that could turn your new opportunity into a money loser.

Also, insurance companies have their own rules and regulations that you must follow to be insurable. This is another area that you must be prepared for. If your property is not insurable you risk losing everything. Not to mention you would never be able to get mortgage financing from any financial institution.

What To Do

Real Estate investing can be a complicated but yet very rewarding business opportunity. If considering revenue real estate for your future, be prepared for a lot of learning. Governments, insurance companies and financial institutions are always changing the rules. You must keep up to date with all of these changes.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Financial institutions are in business to make money. Governments are in place to protect the tenants' rights. To be a successful real estate investor, you must find the balance of being profitable while providing clean safe housing alternatives for your tenants. A very challenging but extremely rewarding experience.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.