Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 Rules for Building Enormous Wealth

Do you want to be so rich you will never have to worry about spending money ?

Do you want the best of what money can buy ?

These goals and many more are all possible by following these 3 simple rules !

Rule #1 - Patience is a Virtue

The real truth is that building enormous and lasting wealth takes a bit of time. Do not fall prey to all of the making money fast schemes because they simply do not work. If you don't believe me just ask yourself one question. If someone found a way to make gobs of money fast and without effort, why on earth would they share their valuable information with others no matter what the cost ?

The answer. These promoters are hoping to make money from you and others that go along with their schemes. If they were truly wealthy themselves, they would not need your money. If they were sincere about helping you they would do it for free.

Rule #2 - Develop Your Wealth Building Plan

All businesses have a plan of action with goals that they want to achieve by a certain date. Your wealth building adventure should be no different than those of the largest of corporations. No two individuals will have the same goals and plans to achieve those goals because everyone is different.

Many financial planners and others try to fit you in a box and persuade you to do this, that or the other thing because everyone else is doing it. But as I said before, everyone is different. How can anyone else possibly know everything you want and when you want it. Simple answer is they don't. This is why you must develop your own individualized plan.

When thinking of your plan, be sure to understand that things don't always happen the way you feel they should. For this reason, make sure you build some wiggle room into your plan to allow for changes as you go.

Rule #3 - Do What You Have To Do

No matter how good a plan you develop for yourself, if you don't take the actions you need to take when you need to take them, your plan will fail. If you don't save money when you have to save money, your plan will fail. If you don't buy an investment when it is on sale at the right time, your plan will fail. If you don't sell an investment when you see other better opportunities, your plan will fail. These are a few examples of what you need to do and the timing can sometimes make a huge difference.

Of course you will not go through life without making some mistakes. This is called education through experience. Expect to make mistakes and build them into your plan.All of us make mistakes occasionally and anyone that tells you different is a liar.

For those that for whatever reason never take action, never get off the fence, never do what they have to do, there is no one that can help them. No matter how much they learn they will never get anywhere. They will live in the rut they call life forever and blame everyone else for their position.

What To Do 

To sum up what you should do, be patient, be thoughtful and develop your own plan, do what you have to do when you have to do it. Three very simple rules that if followed will ensure you a much more comfortable life than you have today.

There are no guarantees that these three rules alone will bring you enormous wealth, but they will certainly go a long way towards helping you in that direction. After all, what is enormous wealth anyway, everyone is different.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To Get Rich - Share The Big Dream

Do you think most people have dreams of someday becoming wealthy ?

Do you really think anyone cares how much money you have ?

I don't know the answers, but let's explore the possibilities !

The Big Dream

From my experience dealing with trying to help individuals to better themselves, most just want to have a comfortable life. Many individuals don't believe they will ever some day be wealthy. For whatever reason, becoming wealthy is simply not important to them.

The fact that you are even reading this blog means that you most likely have bigger dreams than most. You likely don't just want a comfortable life, you want something more. If I am right, you have come to the right place. This site is designed to propel you above the average and work towards whatever dreams of wealth creation you may have.

My philosophy is that the bigger you dream the more you will achieve. If you never have a big dream and work towards achieving that dream, what could you possible become ? The answer, average or even below average.

Share The Big One

Let's say that everyone that reads this blog wants to have a million dollars in five to ten years. Do you think everyone will succeed ? I would like to hope so, but in reality this probably won't happen. There will be many reasons, but the biggest is lack of execution. Many read and learn and then do nothing to act on their new found knowledge.

Taking action takes a lot of courage. Doing anything for the first time is scary. So scary in fact that many will never even try. But there is a way to reduce your fear. Share The Big Dream !

What this means is basically find others that share your big dream or a similar dream and work together. A good way to do this would be to start an on line forum with other readers of this blog or other similar sites. By working together and sharing information and stories, the fear of doing something alone should diminish.

If you are interested in this idea but don't know how to start, go to the contact page on this site and send me an email with your first name, your email address and a description of your dream or goal.

On Line Isolation

By sharing with others that have similar dreams and goals you will be reducing what I call on line isolation. The internet can be a lonely place for many that do not share their knowledge and experiences. By sharing other individuals success stories and their failures you can reduce the anxiety and fear associated with going it alone so to speak.

Share the big dream and build your courage towards achieving your lifetime goals. This could be your first step towards building long term wealth creation that will last a lifetime and beyond.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Get Rich - Know The Meaning of True Wealth

How many people do you think are truly wealthy ?

Do you think wealth is measured merely by numbers in a bank account ?

If you do, think again. Numbers have very little to do with true wealth !

Realize your Right

As an individual born on the planet earth, you are equally as important as any other individual and don't let anyone try to tell you different ! As a part of the international world community you have a right to become whoever you want to be. You have a right to do what ever it is that you see in your dreams.

The problem is many of the so called wealthy try to repress others into thinking they are somehow less important than those with numbers in their bank account. Nothing could be farther from the real truth.

True Wealth

True wealth has nothing to do with numbers in a bank account. True wealth is all about what is inside you that drives you to become a better person and to help the world community in a way that you will be remembered by future generations. That is true wealth.

Now try to think of all the individuals you have heard of that fit into this category. You have probably heard of only a few because the truly wealthy seek no attention for what they do. They get all that they need from their drive from within.

Liars, Cheaters and Others

There are many that have big numbers in their bank accounts that are not truly wealthy. In fact I would go on to guess that many of the individuals you would call wealthy are truly not.

Those who have built their numbers in their bank accounts by hurting or taking advantage of others are no more than common criminals. To better yourself by taking advantage of others weaknesses should be a punishable crime. The trouble with our society is that these individuals avoid jail and are allowed to fill their bank accounts with big numbers and in turn we mislabel them as wealthy.

Your Road To True Wealth

Now that you know the meaning of true wealth, the choice is yours. You can focus strictly on the numbers and not care about who you step on to get there, but you will never become truly wealthy. Your other choice is to focus on making a difference in this world and not care about the numbers. But neglecting the numbers totally will also not make you truly wealthy.

The proper path is to find the right balance that will increase the numbers in your bank account while still making a difference in this world. This is truly more challenging than just focusing on one or the other. However, the rewards will be huge as you will be able to hold your head high during the day and sleep like a baby at night. The perfect position of someone that has achieved true wealth.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How To Get Rich - Own Great Businesses

Do you think Business Owners are richer than you are ?

Do you think you need to work hard at a business to become wealthy ?

Discover a new way of thinking that could change your life !

Why Own A Business

Business ownership is one of the cornerstones of building wealth in a market economy today. There are many benefits from owning your own business. A few of the main ones are as follows :  Time Leverage -  you can hire others to do the day to day tasks which frees up your time to make more money. Control of your future - You control your business and how it operates, therefore you are not relying on someone else for your future prosperity. Capitalize on Opportunities - You can research new and additional ways for your business to increase it's profits. And So On ........

To sum it up, business ownership is a must if you truly want to become wealthy.

Many Business Owners Not Wealthy

Ok. There are many small business owners that are simply slaves to their business. Many restaurants and other small service type businesses are merely jobs disguised as a business. Many owners of these types of businesses can work very long hours for very little reward.

These are not the types of businesses that you must own to become wealthy. The idea is to make money without investing a lot of your precious time. But How ?

A Piece Of Pie  

Simply speaking, you must own a piece of the pie instead of making the pie. In other words, you can own a great business simply by buying a  piece of the pie or a share of someone else's profitable business. The only requirement is that you need money to invest. Yes, invest, that's the best way to own a part of one or many great businesses. Just ask Warren Buffet, one of the world's top ten richest individuals.

Owning a piece of  many a thriving, growing money making machine is the easiest way I know of to become rich. It will take very little of your time and spread your risk throughout many businesses. The perfect solution to owning great businesses.

Nothing New

This concept of wealth building is certainly not new. It has been used by the wealthy for generations. However, what is new is that with the advent of the internet and on line trading accounts, almost anyone can now build their wealth this way. With as little as $100.00 you should be able to get started in most cases.

The world of opportunity is now at your fingertips. There has never been a better time throughout history for you to build wealth so easily. No commitment of a lot of time, no large investments required, no inside knowledge or experience needed.

With just a click of your mouse you can now own great businesses like McDonalds, Walmart, Coco-Cola, Disney, and thousands and thousands more. Amazing when you truly think about the possibilities.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.