Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Get Rich - Learn To Say No

Do you often feel pressured to give money to something you don't understand ?

Does it seem like everybody wants a part of your wealth ?

These are common difficulties that those trying to build wealth often face !

Initiate, Don"t React

In today's high pressure world there are many trying to make a living on uneducated wealthy individuals. Requests for your money either by mail, by phone or email occur every day.

What do all of these requests have in common ? They are all uninitiated. What this means is that before opening the mail or email or answering the phone, you had no plan to give to the person asking. These people are highly trained to convince you to part with your money.

People that give their money this way are reacting. They are reacting to the persuasions of a smooth talker with a pitch that seems good. But is this the way to build wealth? No.

The successfully wealthy plan ahead with all their purchases, including their giving. They research all the charities and other causes they are interested in and choose which ones to support. They initiate the giving process and therefore can control their costs just like any other purchase. You can too.

Just Say No 

It is really quite simple to change your giving habits to one of initiating. Just say no to whoever calls, mails or emails. If something seems appealing, simply write it down and do your research on it later, in your own time.

Your time is valuable and this is something that no phone solicitor appreciates. They will almost always interrupt you at a bad time. They almost never apologize for the interruption. All they care about is making the most amount of calls in the shortest amount of time. This is what makes them money.

What To Do

There are many great causes to support and give your money to. But how do you really know how the money you give is used ? Simple, do your research first. You may be surprised at how little of your donation goes towards the actual cause.

Make a list of the causes you would like to support. For each one, research how much of your donation goes towards the cause and how much is wasted in overhead. Next, decide how much to give to each one that you still want to support.

Finally, stick to your plan and always say no to the uninitiated causes. This also applies to the follow up requests that always come when you make a donation.

It's your money and your future wealth that is at stake. Never let someone else persuade you to part with money you never planned to spend. It is really that simple.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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