Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How To Get Rich - Learn To Squirm ?

Are you comfortable with the life you have today ?

Do you think being comfortable is the best way to become wealthy ?

If you do, think again ! Being comfortable is a huge roadblock to building wealth !

The Comfort Syndrome

How often do you hear the rags to riches story being told ? There is a very good reason why this change in position is so vital to one's success.

The more comfortable one's life is when they are growing up, the less motivated they are to make the big changes that are needed to become really wealthy. When one comes from poverty there is also much less to lose on the way to building wealth. They have not been used to life's comforts so they don't know any better.

Growing up in a comfortable environment where you are used to having basically everything you need makes a person extremely lazy. You merely have to do the bare minimum to maintain your comfortable lifestyle. You do not want to risk your comfortable lifestyle by taking the risks you need to take to become really wealthy.

Squirm Like a Worm

Have you ever watched an earth worm squirm around when you disturb their comfortable surroundings ? They frantically look for another safe haven before they are eaten or squished. This is a protective reaction that nature provides. We as humans are not that much different.

We become very comfortable in our surroundings and do not like it when anything or anyone comes along that threatens to change that comfort zone. We have a tendency to do whatever it takes to remain the same and to not venture into new territory. We are like worms hiding under a rock.

To really get ahead in life, you will need to take some chances. You will have to crawl out from under your comfort zone and try something new. At first you will feel very uncomfortable and try to squirm around to find safety. This is nature's protective way of keeping you safe. But keeping you safe also prevents you from growing.

What To Do

Because we are blessed with a superior brain compared to the earth worm, take the opportunities that are available to learn all you can about becoming wealthy. Learn from those that have gone before you.

Next, get out from under your comfort zone and try something new. Challenge everything from your past that you took for granted. Squirm like a worm until you find the way to grow to a point where your fears melt away. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is an old saying that is still very relevant today.

You do not have to come from rags to become rich. But you do have to get out from under your rock of comfort to achieve anything in life.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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