Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How To Get Rich - Overcoming Obstacles

The vast majority of the population will never become rich. In fact, a large number of individuals will never achieve any of their life's goals, getting rich or otherwise. There are several factors that are common with one's how to get rich goals and other life goals.

First of all, not everyone wants to learn how to get rich. They want something to simply fall in their lap like winning a lottery. Just look at the number of tickets sold for the popular lotteries. The sad truth about lotteries is that the lotteries themselves are the ones getting rich. Extremely rich in fact.They play the numbers game always designed to make them the real winners. Their commercials try to make you think you actually have a chance to get rich.You do, but very,very,very slim. (probably not enough very's there) Their odds should have to be published in all ads. It's a crime really.

One of the biggest obstacles to getting rich is that most people are just plain lazy when it comes to making the changes needed to get rich. They simply can't be bothered. They are content (I guess, but maybe not really)
enough to do nothing. (except buying the lottery ticket) Carry on with the same old, same old.

Many people have even convinced themselves that no matter what they do, they will never be able to become rich. They will never learn how to be rich because they will never even try. It's too difficult, it's too out there, it's too pie in the sky. Wow. They are truly defeated individuals.

Some have tried to learn how to get rich only to be shot down by family and friends. Their family and friends don't want them to become rich. They want them to be exactly like them. To fit in, to know their place in life.
They try to convince them that they will turn into snobs and will not be so close to their family and friends.This can be one of the toughest obstacles for an ambitious person to overcome.

There are still others who learn the steps of how to get rich but never act on them. They gain a lot of the information necessary for getting rich but for whatever reason lose interest and go on to something else that is more fun perhaps. When it comes to learning how to get rich, knowledge without action gets you nowhere.

                                                                       What To Do  

How then can a person truly become rich ?

First of all, you must really want to. You must become very discontent with your current situation. You must stop buying the pie in the sky lottery tickets and put that money towards your goal of becoming rich. You must filter out the negative comments from your family and friends.You must start truly believing that someday you will become rich.

Finally, take action. Learn all that you can about how to be rich and then (as Nike says) just do it. Take the necessary action steps to start on your road to free yourself from the burdens of everyday life, to build your own financial future.

You can do it if you truly believe you can.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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