Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Get Rich - Look, Listen and Learn

Do you think the wealthy look around to see what the world is doing around them ? Do you think they listen to what others have to say ?  Lastly, do you think they learn something from doing both of the above ? You better believe they do!


You have probably noticed that I haven't written on this blog for the past several months. This was done on purpose because I wanted to have a look at what was going on around the world as well as much closer to home.

What I noticed was that people kept reading my blog even though I wasn't posting any new material. Why do you think this was ? Well, my guess would be, because there is a lot of good information contained within these pages that needs to be shared.

I looked around the world for opportunities and I looked within these pages for insight. Change is constant and we must occasionally stop and just have a look.


Listening to what others have to say is also very important. By listening to others you start realizing their problems and difficulties. Almost everyone you run into has something that really bothers them and to identify the common elements of these problems is crucial. If enough people have the same problem, guess what ? You have discovered a new opportunity !

I have always been a good listener. Many who try to become wealthy forget this crucial step. You must really understand what is going on around you to gain the proper perspective on the bigger picture.


The last part of this trilogy is the learning stage. What is this stage ? Simply, it is taking all of your observations from what you have seen and what you have heard and finding a positive outcome to these experiences.

In other words, find a way to profit from all of your new found information. Realize the new opportunities either by creating a new product or a new service. Solve everyone's problem and you have discovered a new form of income to add to your wealth.

What To Do 

Now, let me sum up what I have just said. Look around you at the world as a whole and your smaller universe closer to your home. Mentally observe what you see. Next, listen to as many people as you can to develop common elements of what is wrong within their lives. Identify what problems people are having and come up with a solution. Come up with a new product or a new service to solve their problems and you could add to your current wealth.

This is how the world works. Stop what you are doing in your small world. Open your eyes and look around. Open your ears to listen to what others have to say. Open your mind and learn from what you have seen and heard. Find a solution. Add to your wealth.

This is what the wealthy do to become wealthier and so can you.

I am still welcoming your new comments and suggestions for future topics. Keep them coming.

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DividendScience said...

Nice simple yet powerful post! Many blogs begin to repost old posts after about five years of original content posting. By then they have edited and created a story that keeps captivating. Crowd sourcing is a great modern tool too.