Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How To Get Rich - Build Your Own Time Machine

How rich do you think you would be if you could travel back in time ?

Do you think you would be able to correct all your previous mistakes ?

Chances are things would probably be a lot worse than they are today !

Opportunities And Time

Most opportunities in life are very limited to a certain time frame. Once everyone catches on, the opportunity no longer exists. If everyone could travel back and forth freely in time there would no longer be any opportunities. This is because everyone would try to correct past mistakes. What an ultimate mess this could create !

It is a very good thing that time travel is something only in science fiction. I cannot imagine the endless paradoxes that people would create to better their own lives. Things are bad enough today when we can only travel in one direction at a fixed rate.

The reason that opportunities are created is that only a limited number of individuals are able to react to changing conditions through their gained knowledge and insight. These individuals work towards wealth creation via increased knowledge and experience. The rest are mere followers and generally get into the opportunity too late to really benefit.

You And Your Time Machine

As mentioned previously it is a very good thing that physical time travel is currently an idea expressed only through science fiction. But this does not mean that you cannot utilize your time, whether it be present or future, to better your own life. Your time machine currently works in one direction only at a fixed rate of change.

To build your current time machine to it's full potential, you must utilize your current time to it's full benefit. Use this machine to build your future wealth and to enrich your future life and the lives of all your future generations to come. Time is a very valuable tool, especially when we cannot physically go back and correct the past.

What To Do

Instead of wishing for something from science fiction to fix your problems, utilize what you are given today. Utilize the time that you now have to make a difference in your future life. Stop wasting your valuable time on activities that do not give you pleasure today. Stop wasting your time on activities that do not contribute to your future growth. Stop wasting your time punishing yourself for past mistakes which you cannot go back and fix.

Realize that your personal time machine works in one direction only. It will only allow you to fix any problems today to help in your growth of tomorrow. The past is gone and unreachable, at least for now until if and when traveling to the past may be an option.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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