Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How To Get Rich - Be In Control of Your Purchases

Are you one that falls prey to a good sales pitch ?

Do you think the wealthy ever fall victim to a good pitch or line ?

Truth is, even the wealthy are sometimes caught by a smooth talker !

Modern Day Prospectors

In the old gold rush days prospectors used to prospect for gold. They used to buy up supplies, picks, shovels and other equipment to help them in the quest for their fortunes. Would you believe me if I said there were more prospectors today than in the gold rush days ?  

Chances are that statement is true but in a much different way than in the old days. Modern day prospectors use different tools, even the tools of modern day technology. They use telephone solicitation, door to door solicitation, email spam and even personal contact and relations. I am sure you have had encounters with many of these prospectors already even if you are unaware.

The modern day prospector is prospecting for sales for whatever product or service they are selling. Their modern day territory is their calling or mailing list. You could be on any number of these lists. Beware.

Creating A Need

These prospectors will almost always try to convince you that you absolutely need their product or service. They will try and make you believe that your life will be so much more comfortable or so much better with the aid of their product or service.

Do you really think you absolutely need something that you had never even thought about before the phone call or email ? Sometimes yes, but most of the time no. There are some good products and services that are being sold this way, but how do you separate them from all of the others ?  How do you know if any of these are good for your situation ?

Make Their Ideas Your Own

Most sales pitches that you receive this way can probably be ignored without it damaging your lifestyle. In fact you may not be even remotely interested no matter how hard the prospector tries to convince you. But there may be some that make you think they may be good for you. These are the ideas that you should write down and think about further once you dismiss the prospector.

Never buy directly from a prospector, but use their ideas to do further research into the product or service they are offering. In most cases you will find a much less expensive alternative from one of the prospects competitors that do not sell this way. Simple reason, less marketing costs.

What To Do    

First and foremost, never buy from a prospector directly. If you like a sales pitch and feel you would like a product or service, write it down. Take this idea and research all the different sources for it. If it is a legitimate product there should be competition for it. Beware the ones that are not available anywhere else. They could be a hoax.

A good example of a financial product that is sold this way is life insurance. Check out my previous posting on the sidebar " What Is Life Insurance - Is It Really Needed " for more on this sometimes created need.

Take control of your spending. Never buy anything that is not your idea without doing proper research on your needs and the competition. Shop around before buying anything. Initiate all buying and you will never be sold a bill of goods so to speak.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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