Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To Get Rich - Share The Big Dream

Do you think most people have dreams of someday becoming wealthy ?

Do you really think anyone cares how much money you have ?

I don't know the answers, but let's explore the possibilities !

The Big Dream

From my experience dealing with trying to help individuals to better themselves, most just want to have a comfortable life. Many individuals don't believe they will ever some day be wealthy. For whatever reason, becoming wealthy is simply not important to them.

The fact that you are even reading this blog means that you most likely have bigger dreams than most. You likely don't just want a comfortable life, you want something more. If I am right, you have come to the right place. This site is designed to propel you above the average and work towards whatever dreams of wealth creation you may have.

My philosophy is that the bigger you dream the more you will achieve. If you never have a big dream and work towards achieving that dream, what could you possible become ? The answer, average or even below average.

Share The Big One

Let's say that everyone that reads this blog wants to have a million dollars in five to ten years. Do you think everyone will succeed ? I would like to hope so, but in reality this probably won't happen. There will be many reasons, but the biggest is lack of execution. Many read and learn and then do nothing to act on their new found knowledge.

Taking action takes a lot of courage. Doing anything for the first time is scary. So scary in fact that many will never even try. But there is a way to reduce your fear. Share The Big Dream !

What this means is basically find others that share your big dream or a similar dream and work together. A good way to do this would be to start an on line forum with other readers of this blog or other similar sites. By working together and sharing information and stories, the fear of doing something alone should diminish.

If you are interested in this idea but don't know how to start, go to the contact page on this site and send me an email with your first name, your email address and a description of your dream or goal.

On Line Isolation

By sharing with others that have similar dreams and goals you will be reducing what I call on line isolation. The internet can be a lonely place for many that do not share their knowledge and experiences. By sharing other individuals success stories and their failures you can reduce the anxiety and fear associated with going it alone so to speak.

Share the big dream and build your courage towards achieving your lifetime goals. This could be your first step towards building long term wealth creation that will last a lifetime and beyond.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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