Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Get Rich - Break the Mold

Do you fit into the mold of everyone else's expectations ?

Do you go with the flow and choose the path of least resistance ?

If you are like most you probably said yes to both of the above questions !

Break the Mold

If you truly want to become wealthy you must learn to break the mold and stop being bullied into thinking or doing things exactly like everyone else. No one else really truthfully wants you to be more successful than they are. (except for maybe your proud papa or mama) Most would rather you be just like them or even a little worse off than them. That way they can feel good about themselves without doing anything with their own lives. Same old, same old, ho hum, ho hum. This is human nature.

You must start thinking for yourself and work towards achieving what you want out of life. No two individuals will have the same objectives or dreams. That would be absolutely impossible because each individual lives a different life and sees different things.

To rise above the crowd you must first learn to break the mold of everyone else's expectations. Never do something because someone else thinks it would be good for you. Do it because you want to do it, otherwise  you may regret it for a very long time.

Where To Start

Your starting point must come from within your own mind. This is where you must decide what you want to do and start planning before telling anyone. I mean anyone. Don't give anyone a chance to kill your dream before you can develop it properly. I know far too many who have made this fatal mistake and been shot down before they had a chance to ever develop their idea.

Keeping a good idea or plan to yourself can be quite difficult. You will have the overwhelming urge to blurt out your plan, but don't. Not until the time is right.

When Is The Time Right

When is the time right to share your idea with people you trust ? I would say this is only when you have answered every possible question about your idea or plan and it still makes sense to proceed.

Many ideas will not pass this initial test and would probably not have worked in reality. By developing your ideas internally in this way and screening out the not so good ones, you could save yourself a few awkward moments. Be sure in your own mind before you externalize.

It takes courage to break the mold of everyone else's expectations. However, this could very well be the most important decision and action in your entire lifetime. Don't hesitate, do it now !

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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