Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Get Rich - Turn Challenges into Opportunities

Do you think the wealthy go through life without ever facing challenges ?

Do you think they never have to solve problems to get what they want ?

Of course not, everyone has challenges ! It's what we do or don't do to overcome those challenges that make the difference !

Your Biggest Challenge

The first step to overcoming your challenges is to identify your biggest challenge. What is the one big monster in your life or the biggest elephant on your back so to speak ?

For some it may be digging themselves out of debt. For others it may be earning more income to meet current expenses.

Whatever it is, you must learn what you need to do and then just find a way to do it. Remember, if you do nothing to overcome your challenges, you will go nowhere financially.


The one big thing that separates successful individuals from the average individual is determination. You will notice that a successful person has lots of energy and will not let anything stand in their way to getting what they want.

They know exactly what they want and thy never give up until they find a way to overcome whatever obstacles are in their path.

 Overcoming Your Obstacles

The first step towards overcoming your obstacle is to believe you can do it. The next step is to gain the knowledge you need to tackle it head on. Lastly, take action with your new found knowledge and don't give up until you succeed.

Sounds simple, but it is far from it. Most people will become discouraged or be led astray by others. Many will become distracted by things that seem far more interesting or important at the time.

Your future will be determined by what decisions you make today. It's your choice.

Choose to become financially successful. Choose to start working to overcome your obstacles today.

Your biggest obstacle could be your own state of mind. Believe you can and you can. It may be that simple.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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