Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Stay Rich - Learn to Teach

Have you ever wondered how wealthy families have managed to keep their wealth throughout history ?

Have you ever wondered why some family member didn't go crazy and spend it all ?

The simple answer is education !

Learn to Teach

It's great to have the goal of getting rich and making lots of money. But have you ever thought of how much good it is going to do if you lose it as fast as you get it?

In order to have the most benefit for yourself and your loved ones, you must learn how to retain your new found wealth and preserve it for future generations. In order to do this, you must learn how to teach your next generation to make the right financial decisions.

Unfortunately, our school systems never teach courses on wealth creation and preservation. These lessons are generally learned the hard way by trial and error, or if you are fortunate, through a mentor who can guide you through the many obstacles.

How Wealthy Families Survive

Wealthy families have the advantage of built in mentors. They are generally very successful at teaching their new generations the valuable lessons of wealth preservation and creation. They are also successful at instilling a great sense of pride of past generations' achievements. The future generations don't want to be the ones to drop the ball so to speak.

What You Can Do Now

Chances are you did not come from a wealthy family. Therefore, you are like the rest of us and must learn these lessons on your own. The fact that you are even reading this means that you are already well on your way to learning these lessons. Congrats !

Teaching your next generation the lessons you have learned is just as important as learning them yourself. Without this continuation of education, your hard built wealth could wither and collapse in future generations.

Just as you never stop learning life's valuable lessons, you must never stop teaching your future generation these lessons as well. If you already have children, start educating them at an early age. Do not put this off until the future as none of us know what the future will bring.

Check out the web site on my links page  as it has many valuable lessons and techniques that you may be able to use to help your next generation. Well worth a look.

Continue searching for new information that you can pass on to your future generations. This is truly the most valuable gift you will ever be able to give them and yourself. Wealth everlasting !

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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