Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Get Rich - Take Money When You Can

Would you rather have money in your pocket now or wait until the future ?

Most people will say that having money now is the better option ! They will be correct.

Take Money Now

When I say to take money now instead of waiting until a future date, I am not implying that you should not be saving for your future. On the contrary, you should always be saving and investing to increase your future wealth.

What I am saying is that if you are presented with the choice of having a lump sum of cash or a steady income today as opposed to taking it at a future date at an increased rate, choose the now option.

The reason being is that you will have use of that cash or extra income starting today. You will be able to do with it whatever you want today. Who knows what the future may bring for you. Many things can change in the future especially when governments are involved.

An example of this situation is when someone is approaching retirement. If they have a pension plan, there may be many options to consider. My recommendation almost always will be to take the money now. Enjoy the money now while you have good health and are able to enjoy it.

Don't Live in Regret

Whatever decisions you make in life, never look back and say what if I did this or did that. Make your decision and live with it. Look to the future for more decisions you will have to be making. It will  be much more productive use of your time.

Make the take money now decisions and live with them. Enjoy the new found wealth and use it to increase your future wealth and quality of life. Look forward to the future and forget about the past. There is nothing behind you that is worth worrying about.

Live in Balance

To be truly wealthy and enjoy life to the fullest, we must live a balanced life. We must have enjoyment of our life today as well as plan for a more comfortable tomorrow. Saving too much for tomorrow or saving not enough for tomorrow will put your life out of balance. Enjoy your life you have today and work towards a better future.

In the future, when you have that all important choice to make, take the money now.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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