Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Start Saving - Take Time for the B Stuff

The B Stuff ! Budgeting that is. The most important part of any financial plan.

Without a budget, or guideline, nothing can be done in order to create wealth and ensure financial freedom.

It takes time to initially develop a budget as previously described in my post entitled " How to Start Saving - Time for the B Word " If needed, review this previous posting before proceeding.

Take Time

Time is a commodity we only have so much of. We often find ourselves short of time and always in a hurry to maintain our everyday lives. There is so much to do with such little time to do it. Sound familiar ?

When it comes to your finances, take the time to book an appointment with yourself (and your partner if applicable). Book an appointment and call it a "Financial Review" . Allow for a full hour.

At first, you may want to book an appointment once per week. This will enable you to review your budget and see how you have done during the week. It is also a good time to discuss any challenges that you may have faced during the week and how you plan to overcome them.

After a while, once your finances are running smoothly, you may find you only need to meet once every two weeks or even just once a month. This will depend on how well you are doing at controlling your urges and at solving your challenges. Everyone will be different.

Monitor your B 

With a properly designed and executed budget plan, you will find that from time to time amounts will need to be adjusted to compensate for increased income and/or goals that have been achieved. Constant monitoring and adjustment of your budget will ensure the most efficient use of your time and your financial resources.

Without a constant review and adjustment process, you may find your budget too hard to control. Much like a successfully run business, you must maintain control to ensure the best results.

It is wise to treat your personal finances as a business. It is actually, the business of your life and of your dreams and ambitions. What can be more important than that ?

Time For Yourself

Take all the time you need for yourself and your personal finances. No two individuals will be the same in the amount of time they will need. This is indeed a very personal time and should always be high on your list of priorities when developing your schedule.

After all, what is more important to you than your dreams and desires ? I can't think of anything that should be.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for future topics.

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